Frequently Asked Questions

At Salahuddin Future Academy Online, we are dedicated to providing students with a premier college preparatory education. In order to ensure the smooth progression of coursework and the maintenance of transcripts, our policies and refunds clearly define the respective responsibilities of Salahuddin Future Academy Online and our students.

What is the Salahuddin Future Academy Online Enrollment Agreement?

The Salahuddin Future Academy Online Enrollment Agreement is intended to make our partnership with our families clear, and to set forth some of our policies that govern that partnership. Salahuddin Future Academy Online partners with you to provide educational services and support for each of our students. Tuition and fees provides access to certified and qualified teachers, course materials, personalized LMS, course-specific diagnostic assessments, student support services and virtual office hours, administration services, educational support services, parent support services, technical support, and maintenance of student academic records. Full-time students also receive academic placement services, and college counseling services (grades 9-12). Additional fees apply for matriculation.

What if my child needs to withdrawal from school?

If a withdrawal request is submitted within 30 calendar days from the first course start date in the enrollment, Salahuddin Future Academy Online will retain 20% of the total tuition and any applicable fees. The actual amount of money retained upon withdrawal is dependent upon the initial down payment that was made at the time of enrollment. If a withdrawal request is submitted 31 calendar days or more after the first course start date in the enrollment, no refund/credit is available, and any balance owed remains due immediately.