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Your Learning Team

Learning is a collaborative process. A student’s academic success depends on having a strong support system in place, as well as the quality of the curriculum. Our experienced teachers, school counselors, and subject matter experts work together with each family to make up the learning team. A strong partnership and excellent communication between parents, students, and teachers, gives students confidence, sparks their desire to learn, and ensures a successful learning experience.  

Our Teachers

Salahuddin Future Academy Online teachers are passionate about teaching and collaborative learning. Teachers and staff learn about each student’s individual learning style, goals, and needs to enhance curriculum and instruction. Our faculty is selected to support our students based on their ability to effectively meet individual student’s needs.

Our exceptional teachers provide both academic and emotional support so students discover their interests, talents, and natural gifts, and develop the necessary skills to become self-directed adults who are confident about life goals and/or career paths.

Learning is much more than the delivery of instruction and assessments, which is why Salahuddin Future Academy Online teachers provide authentic feedback and regularly consult with each student, providing one-on-one support in the ways that the students learns best.

School Counselors

The Salahuddin Future Academy Online counselor is a vital member of the learning team. They address the academic, personal, and social development needs of our students throughout their education. Our counselors help students achieve academic success by reviewing each student’s academic plan to ensure they align with their learning goals, providing resources to improve their learning experience, and helping with career exploration and development.

Parent’s Role

The role of the parent, or academic coach, is to provide organization and structure, to help create a proper learning environment, and to promote continuity in the learning process. Parents also act as learning companions, facilitators, and advocates for their child. They help build and sustain a positive relationship with the school, and work closely with teachers to ensure a successful learning experience.

Parents contribute to their child’s learning experience by being present and available as much as possible, showing an interest, asking questions, and communicating frequently with teachers. Being your child’s academic coach may include things like providing additional learning materials, exploring concepts together, reviewing and proofreading assignments, reading out loud, helping them learn to plan, and expressing encouragement.

...In Elementary School
During the elementary school years, parents play an especially active role in planning and delivering the curriculum in partnership with our teachers. Parents work with teachers to develop and nurture the student’s education plan and curriculum. Parents are encouraged to work with their child to create a schedule for completing assignments that works in tandem with their learning style.
...In Middle School
As our students transition to middle school, their parents begin to play a more supervisory role. They ensure that their child is managing his or her time properly, and is on task with assignments. Parents work with their child and his or her teachers to create a schedule that accommodates classes, clubs, and an increased amount of coursework.
...In High School:
As students’ progress through upper school, parents take on the role of supervisor, academic coach, and mentor. Teachers stay in frequent contact with both students and parents, responding to them through email or phone. Our interactive grade book is an excellent tool for parents to view information about their child’s academic work. At the upper school level, Salahuddin Future Academy Online requires students to have a non-family member serve as a proctor for some final exams.
Student’s Role

Salahuddin Future Academy Online acknowledges the specific role that students play in their own education at each stage of child development. We encourage our students to be active members of their learning team, along with their parents and teachers. Students’ educational responsibility increases gradually as they progress through each grade level at Salahuddin Future Academy Online.

...In Elementary School
Parents play a vital role during the elementary school years, but ultimately, students are responsible for demonstrating that they understand the material. Students work with their parents and teachers to progress through the curriculum at their own pace, using our competency-based model of education. When they have questions, teachers are available to help clarify concepts and expand a child’s understanding of the lesson. Salahuddin Future Academy Online recommends that students in kindergarten through grade 3 spend at least one to two hours on schoolwork; and students in grades 4-5 spend two to four hours on schoolwork each day.
...In Middle School
During middle school, the student takes on more responsibility for their academic success. In these grades, Salahuddin Future Academy Online students complete assignments with a higher level of self-sufficiency and can enjoy a more balanced educational experience by incorporating their own interests into curricular projects. Our students in grades 7-8 typically spend between three to five hours each day on schoolwork, depending on their involvement in clubs and/or elective courses.
...In High School:
At Salahuddin Future Academy Online, the upper school years require the highest level of academic responsibility for students. By developing a well-defined set of academic priorities, our upper school students become accountable for taking notes, refining study skills, and meeting deadlines for assignments. Salahuddin Future Academy Online recommends that high school students spend four to five hours on schoolwork each day. The amount of time students spend on coursework can vary depending on the level of courses they are taking and their chosen electives.
Asynchronous Delivery

Salahuddin Future Academy Online delivers instruction through a series of asynchronous courses, meaning students may access their lessons at any time. This eliminates scheduling conflicts and gives our students the flexibility to pursue other interests. Our interactive grade book provides 24/7 access to each student’s progress and archives past quizzes and tests that can be reviewed online at any time. Bringing together personalization, flexibility, passionate teachers, and collaborative support, our learning philosophy honors the talents and interests of all of our students, ensuring they experience a high-quality college preparatory education.