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Students have ample opportunities for growth in our online high school curriculum. Our approach to education is personal, dynamic, and includes innovative learning activities, unique assessments, and standards-based proficiency testing. We want to ensure that our high school students get the exceptional education of a premier private school and the proficiency in time-management, collaboration, and personal responsibility to navigate the academic world and beyond successfully.

Students of the online high school program will have ample opportunities for growth in our online school curriculum. We offer honors courses to meet the requirements of students who are college-bound and seek a challenge. Advanced placement courses allow students to succeed in college-level courses that earn them college placement or credit while they’re still attending our online high school.

How Online High School Works

Salahuddin Future Academy Online’s asynchronous learning model gives students a flexible learning experience with personalized learning plans to suit their learning needs and life schedules. A schedule is provided to the student that acts as a guide to keep them aware and on top of their coursework. The expected submission dates for assignments and coursework are included to ensure students are adequately prepared to keep on track with the courses. The assignments and coursework are designed in conjunction with a student’s customized learning plan. They’ll learn the skills needed to transition to the post-secondary life, including university and beyond.

Program Structure Information

The teachers and faculty of Salahuddin Future Academy Online want to ensure that a student’s online education at the high school level prepares them for success after their secondary academic tenure. To do this, we maintain a balanced, student-centered plan of action to support your child throughout the education program.

  • Planning – Through student-centered learning, our educational professionals will create a learning plan specific to each student that guides them down the path to academic success and promotes their development of knowledge and collaboration.
  • Progress Tracking – We regularly assess a student’s ability to comprehend lessons, keep up with their assignments and courses, their acquisition of skills and knowledge, and what the appropriate next steps for learning should be. These assessments provide teachers, students, and parents with specific information about their experience and progress within the program.
  • Structured Schedule – We use an asynchronous learning model that gives students greater flexibility to help them succeed in academics. It’s designed for a student to grow personally and academically with a structured schedule to ensure the education works in an organized fashion and based on a schedule.
  • Coursework – Students are provided with a schedule that acts as a guide for when assignments and coursework need to be submitted. Dates for submission are provided for assignments and projects to ensure students stay up-to-date on their academics.
Why Choose an Online High School Program?

Enrolling your child in an online high school program offers greater freedom for their learning than what is typically found in a traditional brick-and-mortar high school environment. By taking courses in a virtual classroom, students can study and advance in their schoolwork from anywhere in the world with an internet connection at their own pace. The flexible learning also allows them to complete their coursework and assignments on their own schedule, as long as they keep up with the required submission dates. All of the faculty are certified professionals in the field of education, and are available to students to support their academic development.

Why Choose Salahuddin Future Academy Online for Online High School?

The educational professionals at Salahuddin Future Academy Online are experienced at offering exceptional support and guidance to teenage adolescent students. Our accredited online school uses an asynchronous learning model that offers flexible learning, which allows you to schedule your child’s schooling around your time table and what works best for your teen’s learning needs.