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Salahuddin Future Academy Online is committed to understanding your family’s unique educational needs and providing you with personal service as you progress through our admissions process. As the admissions process begins, families work with an admissions coordinator who will learn about your child’s needs and educational goals and answer any questions you may have.

We offer rolling admissions options, which means that students are not tied to a traditional academic calendar for enrollment purposes.

  • Families are connected with an admissions coordinator to guide them through the enrollment process.
  • The admissions coordinator speaks with the family to understand the student’s needs, gathers pertinent data from the parent and student and goes over some information about the school.
  • Students may be required to complete additional assessments that are needed for proper course and grade-level placement.
  • After reviewing the student’s official or unofficial records from their previous school(s) and any 3rd party assessments, an Salahuddin Future Academy Online academic team member creates an individualized academic plan for the prospective full-time student.
  • Once a registration fee, tuition payment, Chromebook fee, and signed Enrollment Agreement form have been received, a welcome letter is sent to the family, teachers are assigned to the student and the student is granted access to our learning management system.
  • The newly enrolled student may begin coursework once available in the learning management system.
Request for Student Records

For students entering grades 9th through 11th, official transcripts will need to be received in order to confirm students’ course schedules and for the creation of an Salahuddin Future Academy Online transcript. Students entering high school are required to provide an official transcript prior to enrollment. These documents can be e-mailed to Please complete the Request for Student Records form, and mail to the student’s previous school(s). If you have questions, please do not hesitate contact us.