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Salahuddin Future Academy Online Caters to Families

Our students attend Salahuddin Future Academy Online for many different reasons, including:

College Bound

A Salahuddin Future Academy Online education is centered around the essence of a college preparatory experience. The Salahuddin Future Academy Online college preparatory online high school experience allows students to develop valuable skills in time management. Because students play a greater role in their own academic success than they would in most traditional schools, our students learn to manage multiple assignments, help create their own schedule of lessons and study plans, and ensure that teachers are aware of any questions or challenges that may arise. As a result, our students are uniquely prepared to succeed in their post-secondary education and career experiences.

Accelerated Learners

Academically talented and highly motivated students thrive in an environment where they are regularly challenged to realize their full potential. Our course and curriculum options are designed to challenge students to discover, explore, and grow. Because our courses are asynchronous, students are able to work ahead in particular subjects or take additional time on a lesson if needed. This sense of ownership over their own education helps accelerated learners gain valuable experience in taking responsibility and creating their own goals. Students who are already independent learners thrive with the opportunity to move at their own pace.

Gifted and Talented

At Salahuddin Future Academy Online, we understand the opportunities that can accompany educating gifted children. Too often, traditional schools fail to offer enough flexibility to accommodate the asynchronous development of gifted children, who may need higher level or accelerated courses. Gifted children frequently waste precious learning time in classes that move too slowly for them, or cover material that they have already mastered. Salahuddin Future Academy Online answers these challenges with a college preparatory, online private school experience that is tailored to the individual needs of each child.

Homeschooling Families

We are dedicated to providing your child with personalized curriculum, caring teachers, and a philosophy of education that honors each child’s gifts and talents. We provide you with the peace of mind of a fully accredited school with curriculum and highly qualified teachers. Homeschool parents can enrich the curriculum and incorporate local resources, but do not themselves have to be an expert on every subject. We believe that there is an endless source of inspiration and learning available to children within their very own home. Salahuddin Future Academy Online is committed to helping homeschool families succeed at distance learning. We believe that life experiences are part of every child’s education and consider life and learning to be one and the same. Our goal is to develop a accredited homeschool program that fits your child intellectually, emotionally, and developmentally.

Parents of Salahuddin Future Academy Online students enjoy seeing the many benefits of our educational model. Their children learn strong time management skills, develop a heightened sense of intrinsic motivation to achieve academic and extra-curricular success, and are able to pursue their own goals and interests while experiencing an exceptional college preparatory education. The Salahuddin Future Academy Online experience may start with an unmet need, but ends with so much more once families see the benefits of our personalized model of online education.