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We welcome you to Salahuddin Future Academy (SAFA) and invite you to explore all the information throughout our website that highlights the vibrancy and diversity of our community.

It is such a blessing and wonderful opportunity to be an online K-12 private online school that offers a challenging curriculum that serves as the foundation for a lifelong passion for learning. Every aspect of SAFA is focused on the learning experience, building close connections with our staff members, and creating suitable learning environments for our elementary, middle school, and high school students.

We are a school with a team of experts who have extensive experience in educating students to be well-prepared for college and beyond. We at SAFA put equal importance on each student’s individual development as we do on global citizenship and respect for others. Our mission is to prepare students upon the Quran and authentic Sunnah for the world ahead, and it will always be our guiding principle moving forward.

Our entire school, including our staff, administrators, and founders, is committed to ensuring that Salahuddin Future Academy is a thriving and welcoming community. One of our main focuses is to build upon our solid academic foundation that provides an abundance of experiences for our students. Their success is supported by the quality curriculum, counseling services, teacher support, extra-curricular activities, and special programs that are offered. This commitment reaches into every aspect of school life.

MashaAllah, our teachers are exceptionally talented, experienced, and dedicated. Recruited for their extensive experience, outstanding academic achievements, and their commitment to Salahuddin Future Academy’s core Islamic and educational values, our teachers are encouraged to select and modify their curriculum, which will reflect a sense of ownership and creativity in their teaching practices.

The heart of the Salahuddin Future Academy experience is the relationship between inspiring and caring teachers and talented, motivated, and engaged students. At SAFA, our mission is to transmit knowledge, provide a safe upbringing away from negative influences, and develop a strong character through the values of Islam. Along with that, it is vital for us to support our students and help them in achieving their academic goals and nurture their personal interests and talent. Students who attend SAFA will be inspired by ideas that come about from the engaging exchanges with the teachers, who are passionate about making a change for the better across the world.

In the months ahead, we hope that you will take the time to learn how our students and teachers work together to put our mission into action, personalize the learning experience, and help students realize their great potential and good within them.